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Kent College Excellence in English Language is designed to aid students in their transition to university studies and life by broadening subject-specific English language knowledge and skills.

Lessons and Assessment

The lessons will vary in style, students can expect to have sections of the lesson where there is interactive collaboration as well as times when they are completing tasks individually. The teacher will be able to answer questions about the task that they are completing via a live chat or message. There may be periods at the start of the lesson where the teacher provides information and then other times where the teacher goes quiet as the students are working. However, the students need to remain on task and active for the whole of the period of time. Short tests and assessments form part of some lessons. The work completed will contribute toward successful completion of the course and awarding of a Kent College certificate of attendance.

Use of Technology

The means of interacting will be via the G Suite applications. These save work automatically when online and can be set to work offline if internet connections are not reliable. They will then synchronise when the connection is re-established.

Teachers will be in contact with students using Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Chat.

Please also note that these tools are available for IOS devices such as iPADS and iPhones, and also Android devices and Smartphones

Look for these icons in the App Store or Play Store and install them:


Google Classroom


Google Meet


Google Chat



Guidelines for online learning

When working remote and online during your course, please follow these guidelines:

  • Location, location, location - always use a communal space such as a dining room and NEVER a bedroom or exclusively private space. A dedicated desk and work area in a bedroom is acceptable providing the background is neutral.
  • The location needs to be quiet and away from other distractions
  • Personal appearance- always appropriately dressed, even if casual and, regardless of the time of day or night, NEVER in sleepwear or anything similar.
  • A clear background free from distractions or unwanted/inappropriate imagery. Ideally a blank wall- or hang a sheet behind yourself.
  • Always remove any personal items from any sight line that could identify other members of the family or other personal details.
  • Remember that mirrors could display items you are not expecting to be seen.
  • Check that the camera angle is straight ahead and stable.
  • Ensure you have a strong wi-fi connection to ensure quality video and audio.
  • Ensure you will not be interrupted – especially loudly or embarrassingly.
  • Never record a live session or take a photo of the screen, and the teacher may need to stop the lesson if they see this taking place. Teachers may record a live session of themselves talking to the students specifically to post on google classroom for students to view again later.

Academic staff

Photo of Ms Josephine Velthoven, Head of the International Study Centre
Ms Josephine Velthoven

Ms Josephine Velthoven is the Head of EXCEL and the International Study Centre at Kent College and she is a passionate, student-centred educator, continually seeking to improve English language learning and to help students to excel.

Ms Velthoven leads a team of qualified and enthusiastic EAL teachers who have many years of experience teaching international students English and helping them to reach their full potential. She is a versatile teacher, having earned a BA in Philosophy and an MA in English/American Studies from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands before moving on to postgraduate studies at St Louis University in the USA. Upon returning to Europe, she gained an LLM and a PGCE in English Language and Literature from the Free University of Amsterdam. Since heading the International Study Centre and becoming a Senior Leader at Kent College, Ms Velthoven has been awarded the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) and has used her expertise in the EAL field to set up an International Study Centre at another school in the MIST group.

Ms Velthoven has a special interest in Cambridge Assessment English certificate programmes (FCE, CAE and CPE) and in specialised English language courses, such as Legal English, Business English and Medical English.

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