The International English Testing System courses help students with a working knowledge of English to work towards greater proficiency and fluency in English.

  • Increasing your confidence in seminar and academic tutorial participation
  • Improving your English speaking skills, communicating effectively and fluently at an academic and professional level
  • Writing advanced, academic English in different text types
  • Broadening your English vocabulary
  • Strengthening your Listening and Reading skills

Intensity and Duration

  • 20 lessons (35 min) per week, in a small group setting
  • The course can be enhanced in a bespoke form or combined with General EAL or English for Academic Purposes
  • 2 - 7 weeks course, including boarding
  • A non-residential online course is available upon request.


  • At the end of the course, you will receive a Kent College course certificate that indicates your completion of the course
  • Assessment: the official IELTS exam, to be taken externally in the UK or at home. IELTS is a well known English language qualification accepted by many educational institutions. It opens doors to international work and study

Entry requirements

  • No specialised entry test needed
  • The course is accessible to students with a B1 level of English (IELTS Band 5) The level of English will be established via a written test and a Skype interview

EXKCEL online

  • Learn in the convenience of your own home. We are delighted to be able to offer online lessons with our highly qualified and experienced EAL teachers.
  • Please contact us directly to discuss how we can bespoke lessons for you. We can be flexible about teaching times during the day and the length of lessons required.
  • We are also able to accommodate a variety of students who are at different stages of learning English. The best way to find out what the best course is for you is to contact us directly for a chat.

Courses fees

  • 1:1 hourly tuition
  • £60 for intensive general English (B1 and higher)
  • £65 for specialist English courses (B1+ and higher)

IELTS Student testimonials

‘To achieve better performance in the exam, our teacher showed and taught us some excellent techniques to approach the questions and we had good listening and speaking training as well. Very helpful writing structures were also covered in class.’

‘I really enjoyed my lessons. My teachers taught me useful techniques to approach the questions. We covered listening, reading and writing skills in class - really helpful and useful, and I can understand everything really well now.’

‘In order to improve our performance, our teachers provided us with plenty of practice. Each student was set different homework according to their performance in the different skills. During the lesson, our teacher talked us through the questions and our answers, helping us to find and correct our mistakes. The teachers are really kind and helpful.’

‘In our lessons, we did many practices from different parts of the exam in order to get a better grade in those parts. The small classes in which the teacher indicates your weaknesses and strengths in the different skills are excellent.’

‘IELTS exams are always time based. To be able to finish them on time and accurately, our teachers made sure that we had plenty of time based practice tests. We were taught how to work on time and we gained more familiarity with proper ways of solving and approaching the questions within each section. All this helped me to attain brilliant results in the real exam.’

‘In our IELTS class, we are actively studying all parts of the IELTS exam in preparation for taking the exam. IELTS is literally the most important thing for us - as a student who is going to apply to university, all the hard work we do and every effort we make in these IELTS lessons will be good preparation for the exam.’

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