Daily Routine

  • EXKCEL school hours are Monday-Friday 9.00am-16.20pm.
  • All students should arrive in the classroom in good time for the start of lessons at 9.00am.
  • All students may attend an optional Senior School activity from 4.30-5.30pm.

Daily routine for residential EXKCEL students

Independent study/prep time 9–10.10am
Break 10.10–10.35am
Period 1 10.35–11.10am
Period 2 11.10–11.45am
Independent study/prep time 11.45am–12.55pm
Lunch 12.55–2.00pm
Period 3 2–2.35pm
Period 4 2.35–3.10pm
Independent study/prep time 3.10–4.30pm
Optional Senior School Activities 4.30–5.30pm

Boarders’ daily routine


Breakfast 7.40–8am
Morning break 10.10–10.35am
Lunch 12.55–2pm
Snack in dining hall 4.20-4.40pm
Prep (homework) in Study Hall or school activities 4.40-5.30pm
Prep in boarding house, or quiet time 5.30-7pm
Supper 7-7.30pm
Prep or free time 7.30-9pm
Registration in boarding house or at official activity 9pm
Free time 9.05pm
Bedtime 9.30pm onwards (according to age group)

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